Synz III (The Wreckoning)

Synz III (The Wreckoning)

Publication Date: February 28, 2014

Publisher: Inakat Publishing

Pages: 53

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: Inakat

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Synz III - The wreckoning
All shut eyes are not sleep…
Synz trembled with eagerness while she waited while Dan opened the door to the main house. Synz had been miffed that Dan had claimed to know everything about her; yet the fact that she was a lesbian had escaped his attention. Synz saw the main box to Dan's security system about fifteen feet away the bottom of the basement stairs. It was only a matter of time now.
After the funeral, Synz finally understood what kind of man he was. She was glad that her own business was in order. Dan had been as cold as ice through the burial. It would not be long before he understood loss in detail. She has raped him and left him begging for more. Now, it was time for the death of his over-inflated ego in a way only Synz could accomplish.
Synz listened, while Dan told someone on his cell phone to find the girls and deliver the cars and money before the end of the day. Synz leaned over the upstairs rail while Dan passed the envelopes out the door to a courier. Dan turned his head and tried to scoot back into the room, just as she swung the bedroom door upside it. Has our favored heroine touched base with her inner strength at last?
...and all goodbyes ain't gone.

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