Alfons Mucha, 1860-1939: Master of Art Nouveau

Alfons Mucha, 1860-1939: Master of Art Nouveau

ISBN: 3822885746

ISBN 13: 9783822885741

Publication Date: April 01, 1997

Publisher: Taschen

Pages: 96

Format: Paperback

Author: Renate Ulmer

4.21 of 276

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Though Alfons Mucha (1860-1939) achieved lasting international acclaim as an Art Nouveau painter, graphic designer, and decorator, his outstanding photography is not as well known. His photographic sketchbook and personal visual diary, comprising photographs from the mid-1880s until the end of his life, constitutes a unique and profound artistic statement. This mosaic of captured moments reveals the intimate and personal basis of both Mucha's own life as an artist and the time period in which he lived. The behind-the-scenes glimpses of his studio provided here prove that Mucha--the creator of the ideal of Art Nouveau beauty--was one of the pioneers of the classic nude in Czech photography. This is the first time such a large selection of Mucha's extensive photographic work has been assembled as a book. Many of the photos in this book, never before published, reveal hitherto unknown aspects of Mucha's work, which will be of interest to the general reader and the photographic connoisseur alike.

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