The Drama Club the Drama Club

The Drama Club the Drama Club

ISBN: 190740726X

ISBN 13: 9781907407260

Publication Date: November 04, 2010

Publisher: Black Leaf Publishing

Pages: 86

Format: Paperback

Author: Kathleen Ann Mescall

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The committee of the Mountain Ash Drama Club for Senior Citizens is comprised of a group of long-standing friends who have known each other since their primary school days. Having always shared their sorrows and joys, their hopes and dreams, and their innermost thoughts, there is nothing they don't know about each other......or so they believe. However, when the brutal murder of the patronising Entertainment Manager at the Mountain Ash Day Centre takes place, the repercussions ultimately lead to the revelation of a dark secret which has been lurking within the group for many, many years.All the investigations in the murder lead the Group to believe that one of them could be the perpetrator of this heinous crime; but which one? Their friendship and loyalty to each other is tested to its limit as events lead to the disclosure of a long hidden scandal. The conversations and rapport passing between this elderly Group are most convincing, giving rise to much humour with an added touch of poignancy from time to time. The characters are well described and authentically portrayed, and the story flows along to a surprising climax. This is a quite delightful read, and a lovely flashback into the past.

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