AntiPatterns and Patterns in Software Configuration Management

AntiPatterns and Patterns in Software Configuration Management

ISBN: 0471329290

ISBN 13: 9780471329299

Publication Date: May 07, 1999

Publisher: Wiley

Pages: 336

Format: Hardcover

Author: William J. Brown

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What you need to significantly reduce software development failures before they become fatal and how to repair their causes so they don't re-surface

Learn from the mistakes of others documented here in this hard-hitting, humorous, and career-enhancing book from the authors of the bestselling "AntiPatterns." Rise above the industry-wide malaise of mass denial and realize that you too can, and definitely must, master Software Configuration Management (SCM) for successful software engineering. In this much-needed book, the authors provide 16 new AntiPatterns covering the most common SCM mistakes and pitfalls. They also supply you with proven solution strategies including 3 Process Patterns and other tested-in-the-trenches approaches. As in AntiPatterns they present each AntiPattern and Pattern using the same entertaining, practical, and pull-no-punches approach.

"AntiPatterns and Patterns in Software Configuration Management" arms you with:
* The knowledge that SCM is neither too hard, nor too complicated, for software engineers, developers, architects, and project managers
* The most valuable (ROI) process you can have-SCM
* 8 SCM AntiPatterns, 4 Management and Process AntiPatterns, 4 Requirements and Testing AntiPatterns, and 3 Process Patterns that address process, people, and tool issues

William J. Brown is Product Engineer for Concept Five Technologies leading developments of distributed, object-oriented frameworks. Hays W. "Skip" McCormick III and Scott W. Thomas are lead engineers with the MITRE Corporation. Bill and Skip co-authored the critically acclaimed AntiPatterns, also available from Wiley.

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