Twisted Obsessions (Sin City Heat, #2)

Twisted Obsessions (Sin City Heat, #2)

Publication Date: September 30, 2011

Publisher: Storymasters

Pages: 229

Author: S.K. Hardy

4.63 of 423

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Life dealt you a hand that was little more than dirt, but you hustled and turned it into gold. Now, you have everything at your fingertips: the life you always wanted, and the love you thought you would never find, finds you. Everything’s perfect.

Or is it?

The Vegas crew from Sin City Heat's first book, Buried Secrets, is back:

Marcus and Aleesha are finally enjoying a life together, but like all new relationships, they're going through severe growing pains. While Aleesha is hesitant about taking that next step, another woman comes on the scene and decides she wants Marcus for herself - no matter how she has to go about it.

Darrell and Jerra are now married and awaiting the birth of their baby. However, Jerra still hasn't been completely forthcoming with Darrell about an incident from her past. Before she is able to tell him about the secret she's kept buried for so long, a crisis with their best friends arise that demands their full attention and support. Will she be able to share the burden she's been carrying around for so long before it ruins her marriage?

Keisha McKnight answers to nobody but herself, and that's just the way she likes it. When she meets her male counterpart, Dominick Spain, things seem perfect. No expectations, no commitments. But life has a way of showing you that you don’t always call the shots, and the two of them grow closer every day. However, a person from the past enters Keisha and Dominick's life and threatens to destroy everything they've worked to build. Will they be strong enough to come together and defend the people they care about as well as what they have with each other, or will they collapse under the weight of an obsession so twisted there can be only one to handle it - once and for all.

Twisted Obsessions is more than just erotica. It takes you on a ride so unbelievable, the outcome is the last thing you would ever expect. Because even in the Vegas heat, revenge is a dish that’s still best served cold.

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